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General FAQs about

What is is a vertically integrate roofing company, offering roofing on-demand. leverages drones to conduct roof inspections and its own AI technology to efficiently analyze for damage, wear and tear, and the remaining life of a roof. is fully licensed and insured, and has earned 300+ reviews with a 5-star rating average across Google, Facebook, and other review websites.  

What makes unique? is the only roofing company that has developed its own AI technology to conduct more accurate and transparent roof inspection analysis. This technology enables to be more efficient and effective in delivering a modern roofing experience.

Does sell its software as a subscription? does not currently sell or license its technology to other roofing companies or general contractors. There are no immediate plans for this to change.

Is an actual roofing company or just a contracting company? is the actual roofing company, where as the company has its own crews and employees. While does have the capabilities to partner and contract work outside its immediate service area, that is not the core focus for the company.

What locations does work in? is focused on the Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin metro areas. More specifically, provides roofing services in the following counties: Collin County, Tarrant county, Parker County, Dallas County, Somervell County, Rockwall County, Denton County, Wise County, Kaufman County, Johnson County, Hunt County, Ellis County, Navarro County, Fannin County, Erath County, Hood County, Roanoke County, DeWitt County, Grayson County, Palo Pinto County, Lamar County, Bastrop County, Caldwell County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, Bexar County, Travis County, Hays County, and Williamson County.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes. Insurance is a highly regulated industry, and as such, one of the rules requires the policy holder to pay their own deductible. If a contractor says you won’t have to pay your own deductible, this could be considered a case of insurance fraud. It is illegal for the contractor to pay your deductible for you or otherwise absorb or offset the deductible.

How does depreciation work?

Depreciation is the amount, or percentage, your roof has aged since its previous installation. For full Replacement Cost Policies (RCV), this depreciation amount is held back until the work is completed on the property. Once your carrier has proof the work was completed and the deductible was paid, the carrier will release the depreciation amount to you so you can pay your final invoice with your contractor.

How does non-recoverable depreciation work?

Some policies have “non-recoverable depreciation”. These are often known as Actual Cash Value (ACV) or “scheduled” policies. This means the insurance carrier is only liable for the amount your roof replacement costs LESS the deductible and LESS the amount it has depreciated. This means your total out of pocket is not just the deductible, but also any applicable depreciation. Unfortunately these are becoming more and more common as insurance rates continue to rise and property owners look for ways to reduce their yearly premiums.

How does supplementing work?

Insurance adjusters use 3rd party estimating software (most common are Xactimate or Symbility). Many times adjusters use templates for writing initial damage estimates, and actually request and/or expect to receive more detailed information from the contractor to “adjust” and finalize the estimate for your specific property. As the general contractor, we are experts at knowing exactly what products, materials, and measurements your specific property requires to restore your home. We are also intimately aware of code requirements and manufacturer’s specifications. These things are imperative to ensure you receive a roof installation that is warrantable.  We will review your initial insurance estimate to see what trades your insurance is paying for, and then go through each section, line item by line item, to ensure accuracy. If necessary line items are missing, we will compile these required amendments, along with any pertinent documentation and email it to your adjuster.Once your adjuster has reviewed our required amendments, they will let us know which line items they are approving and send you an updated estimate reflecting the changes/additions. This means your adjuster will also be sending you an additional check to compensate for the updated scope of work. This ensures your property is fully and properly brought back to pre-storm condition.

Will you work with my insurance company?

Yes. In fact, our team of experts and project managers have been in this business for years, some of us nearly 15 years. We work with major carriers including State Farm, Nationwide, Travelers, Geico, and others, as well as smaller, local insurance carriers. Even if you’ve previously had a claim denied, our team is willing to go to bat for you and help move your claim through.

I trust my insurance company, why is your estimate so much higher than there’s?

This is a great question. Oftentimes the initial estimate you receive from your adjuster is intended to be just that—an initial, starting estimate. Some adjusters may rely on the contractor to send them a more thorough estimate of the exact work that needs to be done to fully restore your property. As the construction expert, our estimates will be very thorough taking into account all necessary materials to meet the manufacturer and local code requirements to ensure your roof is properly installed with a valid warranty. Rest assured we will send all necessary documentation to your adjuster if they have any questions over a specific line item. This way your insurance can reimburse you for the true cost of repairs and your out of pocket balance is only your deductible.

Will insurance pay to upgrade my property if I ask?

Typically upgrades are the responsibility of the homeowner. We’d be happy to discuss your options for upgrading and can assist with finding the right materials to achieve the look and feel you have in mind.

I have a scheduled or ACV policy- why is my insurance company giving me so little money towards repairing my property?

Unfortunately with ACV or scheduled policies the carrier is only responsible for the cost of the Actual Cash Value (ACV) - this is the cost of the replacement less your deductible AND less the depreciation amount. Depending on the age of your roof, this could mean your insurance company is only responsible for a very small percentage of the actual replacement cost. As always, we recommend talking with your insurance agent about your policy specifics.

My insurance company told me to collect three estimates for them, so I’m just collecting bids.

Sometimes insurance companies will request you collect estimates for them. This is not necessarily in your best interest. When an insurance company receives these estimates, they are only obligated to pay the lowest (cheapest) estimate provided - even if that is with a company that you do not prefer to work with. This only serves to save the carrier money, as your deductible amount is the same whether you have a cheap or expensive bid. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to estimate for the fair market value of the damages done to your property, and your job to find a contractor you know will provide excellent customer service, thorough and reliable work, and valid warranties. At the end of the day, it is your insurance company’s responsibility to indemnify you for the damages that occurred, and your responsibility is your deductible. Similar to when you are in a car accident - whether you take your vehicle to the car dealership or the mechanic on the corner, your only out of pocket is your agreed upon deductible amount. So long as you are working with a contractor you trust, and a contractor willing to work with your insurance company regarding the costs associated with repairs/replacement, your only obligation is the deductible.

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